Terms and Conditions

Toowoomba Regional Council (Council) is able to deliver your Rate Notice and Water Rate Notice (Notice/s) to one nominated email address in place of post.

By registering to receive Notice/s by email you acknowledge you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions below.

  1. For the nominated property, Council will no longer post paper Notices to you or any person to whom paper Notices were previously sent.
  2. All future Notices will be in the form of an emailed PDF attachment sent to the email address nominated by you.
  3. You agree that the storage and retention of the Notice/s is your responsibility.
  4. You may withdraw your request for email of Notice/s any time by deregistering on Council’s website (a confirmation email will be sent to advise of deregistration).
  5. Due to processing times to register/deregister/change your registration details within 7 working days of the issue date of a Notice, your request may not take effect until the following Notice.
  6. It is the owners or authorised agents responsibility to ensure that the nominated email address is correct prior to the issue date of Notice/s.
  7. You or your authorised agent must promptly inform Council of any change of email address and/or postal address.
  8. The delivery of Notice/s may be cancelled by you or authorised agent by advising Council of the change. Should you fail to do so you accept responsibility for any loss of discount or late payment that may result due to the failure to receive Notice/s .
  9. You agree that you are deemed to have received the Notice/s once the email has been sent.
  10. If Council receives a non-delivery receipt, the Notice/s will be posted to the mailing address listed in Council’s records and you will be automatically deregistered from receiving Notices by email until you have updated your email address with Council.