As printed at the top right of your notice
Exactly as it appears on your notice, e.g. Mr J M Smith & Mrs M A Smith
Your preferred postal address for all other correspondence from Council

Summary of Terms and Conditions

  1. This information is being collected solely for the purpose of rate notices by electronic mail.
  2. You must be the registered owner of the property address shown on the registration form to receive the rate notice by email.
  3. Council will issue each notice to you via their printing agent at least one month prior to the payment due date.
  4. If you wish to stop receiving rates by email, you will need to advise Council in writing (includes by email).
  5. If you own more than one property and register, you will need to register separately for each property. Separate email notifications will be issued, matching the number of registrations received.
  6. Changes to your email address need to be submitted in writing. Please allow 45 days prior to the due date to ensure correct service delivery.
  7. For further information or assistance please contact the Council on 1300 722 542 or by email to
Please note:
We will send a confirmation email to verify your email address. You will need to follow the link in the email to complete your registration.