Receive your rates notice by email

Property owners in the Penrith City Council area can now register an email address and 'Opt In' to receive their Rates Notices electronically.

This service will provide a faster, more reliable, and environmentally friendly alternative to paper copies and registering is simple.

By opting in for electronic delivery of information:

  • You will now receive your Rates Notices as an Adobe PDF to your nominated email address.
  • You will no longer receive a physical copy of your Rates Notice by regular post.

To Opt-In

  • You will need a copy of your rates notice to enter some details to verify the property details
  • Fill in the online form below
  • You will need to separately fill out this form for each property that you own in the Penrith City Council area

To Change your existing email address

  • If you have already registered, but you want to change your email address select the "Sign up for email delivery/Change my email address" option below and enter your new email address and other requested information and click "Register".

To Cancel your existing email registration

  • If you want to cancel your existing email registration permanently, click on "Cancel email delivery" and enter your email address and account number, tick the required fields and click "Deregister".
  • If you cancel your registration, future notices will be issued by mail. Please let us know if you have changed your postal address.

Privacy Statement

The personal information on this form is required by Council for updating records. We will only use your personal information for this and related purposes. If this information is not provided, we may not be able to process your request. You may access and/or amend your personal information at any time. How we use this information is explained in our Privacy Policy, which is also available at Council offices.

The following details are to be entered for security purposes to identify you as the property owner or the owner’s legal representative:

Top right hand side on your rates notice
Enter Initial(s) and Surname(s) as it is printed in the name/address field on your notice (First line only)
Optional, 10 digits
Please note
Confirmation email will be sent upon approval